Even a Dozen Houses Won’t Bypass a GOP Primary These Days

Mitt Romney, owner of many houses and failed Presidential bids, announced earlier this year that he was going to become a Senator in Utah.

On Saturday, however, Utah Republicans announced that they had other ideas.

West Valley, Utah (CNN) Mitt Romney did not win the Utah Republican Party’s nomination on Saturday, meaning he must compete in a June primary election as he seeks to replace retiring US Sen. Orrin Hatch.

Makes you wonder if Mitt will even stick around for the Primary.

I mean, why should he? He’s political royalty and given both his willingness to talk out against Trump and his willingness to cater to Trump’s desires, Mitt was the ideal candidate that anyone in the GOP could look to. A primary for Mitt? It all sounds so unnecessary and beneath the guy.

Surely, Mitt will spin this as having “two fine candidates”, but, on the inside, he has to be reeling a bit. Mitt is gracing Utah with his presence. He could run in half a dozen other states he likely meets the residency requirements on, but, he chose YOU Utah.

Stop fawning over Donovan Mitchell and spread the love around.


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