Will Southerners Support Gun Control if Waffle House Restaurants Continue to Get Shot Up By AR-15s?

One thing that Americans have learned loud and clear is that school shootings barely move the needle on the Politics of Gun Control. Change? Hardly.

However, what beloved and heralded institution of America could bring about true change after a shooting takes place there?

A man witnesses described as wearing only a green jacket killed at least four people people and wounded three others after opening fire with a AR-15-style assault rifle at a Waffle House in Antioch, Tennessee Sunday morning, according to Nashville police.

Source: Vice News

Why not Waffle House? Southerners love this damn place, right?

And, sure, you may consider countering with, “Southerners love children”, but, really, the mindset there seems more of a “children can protect themselves if you let them have guns” type deal. Whereas, even the craziest of gun nuts will agree that waffles can’t arm themselves with guns and protect themselves.

I am a Northerner. I understand very little of Southern Culture outside of the Kentucky Derby, but, if the distinguished institutions of the South come under fire, maybe, just maybe, we’ll get a little much-needed gun-reform.


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