American Healthcare System So Good We Value Birth of Average Americans the Same as ONE Royal Birth

Folks, America’s Healthcare System has come under fire a lot over recent years. ObamaCare. TrumpCare. Universal Healthcare. NotCaringForOurVeteransCare. It has even made me question, is healthcare something that the United States is NOT the best at?

I’ve ruminated on that topic quite a bit lately. I have no answers. Just more questions. Until today. Where, I believe I do indeed have an answer.

A ROYAL birth is always heralded with great fanfare, and the arrival of the Duchess of Cambridge’s third baby on April 23rd was no exception. Throngs of reporters waited for updates outside the Lindo Wing.

Yet the price of delivering the new prince, who is fifth in line to the British throne, was probably slightly less than that of an average American baby.

Source: The Economist (so you know these numbers have at least been looked at twice)

Wow. This is one of those moments where your entire world is shattered.

The Royal Baby coming in hot at less cost than the average American, and we sure as hell have a lot of average Americans walking the streets. What does this tell you? Does this ring “we need reform”? Not to me.

It tells me that we value our own. Why does it cost so much to have a baby in America when compared to the luxurious birth of a Royal? Some might bark that it has to do with insurance costs and all that normal hospital stuff folks talk about, but, no.

My takeaway: Every birth in America is on the level of that of a Royal.

Think about that, the next time you hear some story about a Royal Wedding, or a Royal Birth, or a, are there any other times we care about the Royals minus death (knock on wood)? Your baby, is a goddamn Prince or Princess. That’s what we tell our children from Day One. Is that why we have so many entitled brats running around College Campuses these days with a hatred for free speech? I don’t know, you tell me. Or, take your damn kid to Burger King and crown ’em already.


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