Is It Bad to Only Give Access to Dudes Who Give You Cash?

The Washington Post ran a story today that will surely lead to a Trump tweet about how the paper is failing for fake news such as this particular story. The headline: “Mick Mulvaney, Trump’s rumored next chief of staff, admits he sold access to lobbyists while in Congress.”

Wait, doesn’t this guy have a Chief of Staff? And, we are already talking about the replacement?

Mick Mulvaney, the head of the White House Office of Management and Budget and the interim head of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, made a rather striking admission Tuesday. He told a conference of bankers that as a congressman he granted meetings only to lobbyists who had contributed to his campaigns.

Source: The Washington Post

Is that wrong? Mick Mulvaney asks at his confirmation hearing, in his best George Costanza impersonation. Maybe, maybe not. But, regardless, it’s a bad look.

The thing I love the most about this article was that it later stated, “Mulvaney has displayed a tendency for saying things he perhaps shouldn’t.” Which is the exact thing that Trump is looking for in an employee. Who cares if you should say it. Just say it and see what happens.

And, it always seems to work out for those guys in the end somehow.


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