Trump Just Went On FOX and Friends for 30 Unhinged, Must-Watch Car Wreck Minutes


If you’re one of Trump’s many lawyers, that may have been your reaction to an appearance by Donald Trump a couple hours ago on FOX & Friends. In Trump’s 30 minute unhinged set, the hosts tried valiantly to steer Trump away from saying things that could get him in trouble, as well as, attempting to cut him off earlier than he wanted.

Folks, you don’t contain Trump. Quick list of what Trump got into that may come back to haunt him before we get into the video:

  1. Admitting he spent a night in Russia during the time of the alleged pee tape, when Comey had written a memo stating that Trump denied spending a night there. An interesting thing for Trump to lie about if he had nothing to hide.
  2. Trump admitted that Michael Cohen was his attorney for the Stormy Daniels thing. Which, I don’t think anyone doubted, it just had not previously been confirmed.
  3. He reveled in his support from Kanye West, but, then chastised the black community for not supporting him more in the election.
  4. Speaking of which, over a year later, he is still going on about the electoral college?
  5. He shouted and whined quite a bit. A lot, really.
  6. The hosts asks about 4 questions in thirty minutes. Trump was just unhinged doing his thing, really.
  7. Honestly, I wish he and Kanye would get in the studio and bang out an album. They’re a perfect match.
  8. And, OH YEAH…he said, “Our Justice Department, which I try to stay away from…but pretty soon I won’t.” Just your everyday breakfast threat to obstruct justice.

The entire 30 minutes is worth a watch.


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