Is Donald Trump a Good Bet To Win a Nobel Peace Prize?

OddsShark, not my favorite Shark, but, my favorite Shark that provides gambling odds rather than eating people, tweeted some interesting numbers today.

Wow. Donald Trump is one of the top few names in the odds for Nobel Peace Prize right now fending off a bunch of names I’ve never heard of, a woman he can’t stand (Angela Merkel), the POPE!, and his best buddy who he wants you to believe is not his best buddy (Putin), as well as some others.

So, what kind of chance does Trump have here? I mean, I don’t know how Nobel Peace Prizes usually go. But, this looks like a pretty weak field. I’ll break this down and we’ll finish by discussing Trump and Kim Jong-Un. I’m a Jong-Un skeptic, and we’ll talk about that.

First, the ACLU. How mad would Trump be if the ACLU won? Do organizations even win this thing?

Who are Carlos Puigdemont and Novaya Gazeta? If you asked me to gamble on who those folks are, I would tell you no answers that would win me money. And, guess what! Novaya Gazeta? Not a person! It is a Russian newspaper who has investigated Putin and other Russian political nonsense resulting in the death of at least 6 journalists. Yikes. Puigdemont is a Catalan politician. And, look, I’m not gonna sit here and make jokes about or speak with any knowledge on the Catalan separation from Spain…so, let’s just agree to move.

Angela Merkel is on this list at the Chancellor of Germany. Who, essentially has moved to “leader of the free world” status due to America’s descension from leading the free world. I think she represents good value for money on that bet, actually.

UNHCR is the UN Refugee Agency. Which really seems like, hey, lots of refugees out there, could be them?

The Pope is the Pope. Has he done any special Pope-things this year to separate him or is he a nominee every year? I don’t think so. This is the worst play on the board for my money. Even Putin…I mean, those are solid odds, if you want to take a flyer, I can’t blame you.

Edward Snowden is still relevant? Why does anyone care what he says?

So, I mean, hey, Trump has a decent shot at this thing. He would mainly get it for not starting World War 3.

But, the prohibitive favorite here are the leaders of North and South Korea. Regarding North Korea, Kim Jong-Un, essentially overnight went from lunatic to wanting to give up his nuclear weapons…AND EVERYONE JUST BELIEVES HIM?! Look, I’m not trying to downplay peace in the Korea peninsula, but, actually, I am.

I mean, this is an agreement that literally just says, “you know that War we ended in 1953, we can formally end that now.” The nuclear part, look, if you think that isn’t a separate issue, you have a gullibility level that is humbling.

This is a guy who, within the last year, killed his Uncle and Brother, and because he decides to formally say “we have peace” with South Korea, he is the front-runner for a noble prize?! How does that make any sense!?

So, yes, Donald Trump has a very good chance at winning a Noble Prize. He has not killed any family members for dumb reasons. He hasn’t ended any wars, but, I mean, I’m sure there has to be some small war with the Native Americans that was never formally ended that he can jump in a proclaim peace on to bolster his odds.

Is this what society has come to regarding peace?! We are so far gone that “peace” between North and South Korea, two Nations who have been very peaceful with one another, is a big deal? Can someone explain this to me?

Does this all just mean that now America can sell military hardware to North Korea?


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