Trump Clearly Just Watched a Couple Episodes of The Americans to Get Up To Speed On The “Russia Stuff”

Donald Trump thus far has taken an interesting two prong approach to Bob Mueller’s Russian Investigation. First, he bobs and weaves. Do you have information that contradicts his story? If so, then, here’s a new story you simpleton. Second, he shouts, “No Collusion” and “Witch Hunt”.

And, what a hell of a strategy it has been. It relies entirely on the gullibility of the American people. On Saturday night, he may have taken this to new heights, watch:

I mean, wow. With his previous story regarding Russian lawyer Natalia V. Veselnitskaya falling apart, Trump had to dig deep. Unpack that above statement by Trump and what you are left with is Trump saying that Putin believes Trump has been so hard on him, that Putin and “The Group” decided to have this woman change her story from knowing nothing, to being part of the Russian government as a means of making Trump’s life chaotic.

His followers will eat this up because it’s easy to not trust Putin (although! Trump has often said he believes Putin and Putin is to be believed above American intelligence sources…so….) and they have a shocking inability to concern themselves with critical thinking.

Does any of that story make any logical sense? No, of course not. But, when it gets torn to shreds by the media he will simply pivot to another story that is just as wild.


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