Legend Who Once Threw a Shoe at George W. Bush is Running For Parliament in Iraq

We are not the biggest purveyors of fine art around these parts, and therefore, our coverage of former President George W. Bush suffers. But, it’s always good to give him a shout out, especially in these fantastic days where a current President makes a President who went to war on false pretenses look like a swell dude.

In any event, one man who had some disagreements with Dubya and expressed them with throwing his shoe at Bush, who took the moment in stride (his charm), is trying to step into the political game in Iraq.

Muntazar al-Zaidi, the Iraqi journalist who threw his shoes at former President George W. Bush in 2008, is running for parliament in Baghdad, BuzzFeed News reported on Tuesday.

Source: TheHill, and not BuzzFeed

So, it turns out the shoe thing was frowned upon and al-Zaidi did 9 months in the can, got out, and left for a while. Now, he’s back. This is basically a Disney movie plot waiting to go down.

The tortured soul who lashed out at a man because he believe that man was causing the death of innocent women and children…living in exile for (as Disney will put it) many, many years…only to return and attempt to join a governing body that, according to Wikipedia, really became a governing body only after the intervention of the United States.

The movie will end with film-Bush and film-al-Zaidi sitting on a porch on Dubya’s ranch, looking out at a sunset. They will share thoughts. al-Zaidi will then remove a shoe, and instead of throwing it at the man next to him, he will hand it to him. Dubya will cock that smile that has turned so many to forgiving him, accept the shoe. Then he’ll spend the entire closing credits sequence trying to get the man’s Size 9 shoes onto his Size 12 feet and will struggle mightily.

Anyway, here’s the video of the shoe throwing incident…


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