Environmental Group to Carve Future Nobel Prize Winner Donald Trump Into an Iceberg

A  climate change group is raising half a million dollars with the goal of carving President Donald Trump’s face into an arctic iceberg.

They hope that they will be able to illustrate the dangers of climate change by watching to see how long the sculpture takes to melt.

Source: The Guardian


This is just a bad idea. You take a clearly delusional man in Donald Trump and you carve his likeness into an arctic iceberg and what happens? A series of things. Starting with him saying how “proud” he is to be “honored” in this way because “some people” say that he has done “THE MOST” for the Environment compared to any other President.

And, even if he does not think this is an act of tribute to himself, what is going to get accomplished here?

Do arctic icebergs melt instantly? No. So, you want the man with the least patience in the World to step up and take notice that his likeness in this iceberg is going to melt…over time? Really? If this thing gets carved on a Tuesday, then on  Thursday Trump will proclaim that climate change is not real because he can still see himself in the iceberg. And, by Friday, this cycle is gone.

What’s the end-game here? This is Trump we are talking about. If the iceberg with his image does melt in his lifetime, isn’t he just going to respond by saying something like “of course it would melt. It’s ice!” and then point out that all the ice he puts into his soft drinks eventually melts, so why wouldn’t an iceberg in the arctic? And, even still, if the iceberg melts all the way, he’ll just say, “this was supposed to happen” because he saw this in a documentary once with Kevin Costner…

So, no, this will not have an impact on environmental policy, because the Man who believes he may one day find himself on Mount Rushmore is just going to smile and love seeing his face up on an iceberg.


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