You’ll Never Believe It: Trump Dictated Astonishingly Good Letter

A 2015 doctor’s note describing Donald Trump’s health as “astonishingly excellent” was dictated, it turns out, by Trump himself, according to the doctor who signed the note.

Source: The Guardian, but, they likely got it somewhere else.

Bombshell stuff here, folks.  Who would have thought that Donald Trump would have found a Doctor in New York City of all places that would be willing to just attach his name to what-the-hell-ever? I’m just completely taken on this one.

There are young children out there who have grown up with the belief that if they too only ate Kentucky Fried Chicken, McDonald’s and the occasional Whopper, that they could be in astonishingly excellent health. People the World over have said, in reliance on this note and this man’s astonishingly excellent health: hey, maybe I’m not doing things right, get this tomato out of my face!

He was the healthiest man to ever be elected to the presidency, according to this letter. But, now I am at a loss. Was William Henry Harrison in better health than Trump? I just don’t know anymore.

Does this mean that other things that Trump has alleged may not actually be true?  Wow, to think.



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