Things Are Heating Up In Classic West Virginia Senate Campaign Ad…

I have to say, if you’re going to campaign in West Virginia, you absolutely do want to go full West Virginia. And, Don Blankenship, coal baron, Senate Candidate…well, he went for it.

I mean, come on, man, EASE UP, a little too enthusiastic if you ask me.

This man…simply put…is electric. So far, people have been focusing on the racism in the above ad. And, that makes sense. HOWEVER…there just aren’t enough people out there doing a deep dive on this fascinatingly mundane man. So let’s take a look.

“Swamp Captain Mitch McConnell has created millions of jobs for China People,” Blankenship says in the ad, in what is just an appetizer. He ends this thing by holding two children and tossing in a Trump-esque nickname for Mitch McConnell: “Cocaine Mitch.”

This is a guy, Blankenship, who owned a company where a coal mine explosion killed 29 workers. He then spent a year in Federal Prison related to his lack of safety in running the company led to that explosion. Did he let that experience get him down?

He’s running for Senate pretty much as a vendetta against current Senator Joe Manchin. So, You tell me?

See, Manchin was Governor of West Virginia at the time of the explosion. And, he along with Obama prosecutors and Judges basically ruined a good Monopoly Man’s life. Don’t talk my word for it…read the novella this guy wrote detailing his life as An American Political Prisoner.

Yes, that is a 67 page pamphlet on why he was wrongfully convicted and imprisoned. And, now, his revenge tour means the United States Senate and a showdown with one of the men he believes cost him a year of his life: Joe Manchin.

He is an absolute unabashed throwback to a time where people used the term “negro” and I know this by him USING THE TERM “NEGRO” to defend using the term, “china people.”

Does he have positions other than “roll back safety regulations in coal mines so that I don’t go to prison for killing West Virginians”? Not that I can tell. Kind of a bold move, we’ll see how it works out for him.


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