Is Threatening the Mueller Team a Good Look For Trump?

How did you start your Monday morning? Did you wake up and forego a cup of coffee or a light workout to instead threaten the people who are currently investigating you and your possibly criminal activities?

Likely you did not. You likely lead a quiet, peaceful, staid existence. And, that’s ok. Fortunately, we have the President, who lives on the goddamn edge. He woke up this morning and thought, nah, forget, I’m on this:

This guy is a good time. This translates essentially to: “if you take me to Court you don’t want to see the dirt that I’m going to come up on you guys, I mean, if my staff hired an Israeli spy team to discredit Obama staffers on the Iran Deal, just imagine what I’ll do if my freedom is on the line.” Loose translation. But, you get the idea. Trump is signaling as clear as he possibly can that they should tread light. It’s a very top of the food chain gangster move.

Usually, Prosecutors don’t bow down to that kind of pressure, they dig in. I am excited to see how it plays out for our boy.

He also tweeted: “There is no O, it’s called Fighting Back” to which a whole bunch of dudes who fought with the police and are stuck in jail nodded: hell yeah.


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