Donald Trump Poised for 2pm Announcement That He Is Great at Deals

Donald Trump has set a 2pm announcement to let the public know, for the millionth time, that he is a great deal maker. The current deal that Donald Trump would like to set fire to and then re-negotiate is the Iran nuclear deal.

Is that a good deal? Couldn’t tell you. But, Trump has been setting the bar very low for deal-making given that his last known deal was Rudy pointing out that Trump paid $450k+ to cover a $130k hush money payment.

How will this afternoon’s announcement go? Well, I don’t want to tell anyone else how to wager their money, but, see if you can get a parlay on this one out of your bookie:

  • Trump first announces that the previous Iran deal was weak or soft.
  • Trump then announces that he will negotiate a better deal. The BEST deal.
  • Trump then announces that the sanctions in the interim (my word not his) will be stronger on Iran than anyone ever despite being the exact sanctions in place before the deal was entered.
  • Iran cranks up the centrifuges within 30 days.
  • Lots of people lose their mind about how Trump is starting World War 3
  • Trump never makes a deal
  • Trump proclaims he made the best deal

I mean, that is about as bankable as it gets. If you want to really run wild, add in John Kerry to be the first prosecuted for Logan Act violations.


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