Mick Mulvaney Endorses Bad Jokes About Dying

Just when you think, alright, maybe the White House will get rid of the knucklehead who made a comment about John McCain “dying anyway”, they send out the White House Budget Chief to defend the comment. The real issue? That the mocking moment got out.

“This was a private meeting inside the White House. It was a joke. It was a badly considered joke that she said fell flat,” Mulvaney, the director of the White House Office of Management and Budget, said during an appearance on Fox News.

But Mulvaney argued that the leak of the comment posed the greater issue: “The leak was designed to hurt that person. Also, it completely ignored the harm it would do to the McCain family, which is doubly inconsiderate.”

Source: TheHill

The White House is now in a position where they are defending something that was, at best, a joke done in poor taste. And, they are doing so mere weeks after everyone in the White House lost their damn mind at a comedian making jokes that did not rise to the level of joking about the death of someone currently battling cancer.

Can you joke about death? Yes. Obviously. Should you make a joke, that doesn’t have any substance and is more mocking than joke, about someone who recently revealed details of his funeral such as not wanting Trump there? No. Probably not. The key to a good death joke is to first make it a joke, but, then, also make sure the person who is the subject of the joke is nowhere near death.

Also, while we are on the subject of people publicly declaring they don’t want Trump at their funeral…I don’t want Trump at my funeral.

Mulvaney, for some reason, added: “You have to have freedom to speak in a private meeting. We have all said things in private … that we would never say publicly. I think she handled it appropriately.”

Yes, and the point is that you jackasses should be less gleeful about the prospect of a man dying even when in private meetings.



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