Here’s an Idiot in Kentucky who Voted for Trump, then Lost his Business and Blames Trump. Laugh at him.

Eddie Devine voted for President Donald Trump because he thought he would be good for American business. Now, he says, the Trump administration’s restrictions on seasonal foreign labor may put him out of business.

“I feel like I’ve been tricked by the devil,” said Devine, owner of Harrodsburg-based Devine Creations Landscaping. “I feel so stupid.”


I love these stories about people who voted for Trump and then later had regrets. Especially folks who think that voting for Trump (or any Republican) is going to be an instant-savior to their business.

The entire Republican position on small business is survival of the fittest. If you run a good business, you will succeed. If you did not succeed it is because your business was not good enough and/or you did not work hard enough. THEY DO NOT HIDE THIS PHILOSOPHY ON SMALL BUSINESS.

But, Republicans emphasize this by pointing to the small number of people who turned their business from a small business into a massive business. This is a good move that they do…or, trick, if you want to stick with the devilish theme Mr. Devine established. The Republicans are good at letting folks dream.

Democrats are over here talking about how maybe we should up the minimum wage so families can feed their kids. Republicans are over here talking about how if you work hard you’ll have JET-SKIS. Tell me who you are voting for?

And, Poor Eddie Devine. Here he is just wanting to turn his landscaping business up a notch. Thought Trump understood him. Thought a man who never had to truly work a day in his life would understand his plight as a small business owner.

These workers aren’t immigrants, and there is no path to U.S. citizenship. When their seasonal work is done, they return home. That’s why Devine thinks the Trump administration’s stifling of guest-worker programs has more to do with racism than economics. “I think there’s a war on brown people,” he said.

But what makes him most angry is that Trump’s properties in Florida and New York have used 144 H-2B workers since 2016. “I want to know why it’s OK for him to get his workers, but supporters like me don’t get theirs,” Devine said.

Because that’s his life motto. Not the war on brown people part, although he loves that aspect of his Presidency. But, the whole double standard.

See, Eddie, Donald Trump is rich, and Donald Trump’s whole purpose in life is to ensure that rich people, or, people who properly convey the image of wealth despite that wealth existing only in a constant stream of loans, are entitled to do whatever they damn well please. You, Eddie, are just a working stiff. Just some chump in Kentucky trying to do an honest day’s work. People like myself, I congratulate you. Making things work however you can. People like Trump, they snicker at you. They laugh at your daring to dream.

So, Eddie Devine, you learned a life lesson here today. Maybe you shouldn’t rely on the people who say “help yourself”, you know what I mean?


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