Donald Trump Pulls a Judge Dredd and Convicts Democrats of Spying In Less Than 72 Hours…

On Sunday, President Donald Trump demanded an investigation into “spying” on his Presidential Campaign. On Wednesday morning, Donald Trump tweeted this bad boy:

So, there you have it folks, the “Criminal Deep State” just mere days after he primed this investigation based on nothing, our boy concluded, yes, guilty. The punishment for Democrats that are part of this “Criminal Deep State” is that they have to listen to Trump refer to them as criminals LONG after they are ultimately cleared of any wrong doing. Which, honestly, maybe some of them would prefer a Prison sentence?

Where do you begin with this?

Donald Trump is on a mission to change the narrative regarding the Mueller Investigation. And, by and large, he is succeeding. Most Americans don’t realize that the Mueller Investigation is already a success. It has resulted in 4 Guilty Pleas. Trump’s Number 1 for a period of time, Paul Manafort, goes on trial in the Fall. There are 17 indictments in totality. On an investigation that IS. NOT. COMPLETE.

That is a big deal. But, Trump has yelled this investigation down so much that the fact that the Investigation is resulting in criminal pleas and criminal charges is something that gets drowned out.

Look at this poll cited on VOX:

A majority of Americans — 59 percent — say in a new survey that Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russia and the 2016 campaign has not yet uncovered evidence of any crimes, even though in reality, Mueller has already obtained five guilty pleas and 17 criminal indictments.

That is astounding.

Which shows that Trump, through lying, has been able to change the narrative. For Democrats, this needs to be their focus: guilty pleas and Manafort awaiting Trial.

And, now, once again, with his demand of an investigation into an investigation, Trump is turning the tables. Let me be clear on this: If anyone politicized an FBI investigation into the Trump campaign, that is a very big scandal.

But, there has yet to be even a piece of SMOKE related to this idea. This is something culled from pure imagination. And, the crazy thing? No one even attempts to support this theory. It’s just…

…there. With the word Spying tossed in.

But, we are at this point now where if you question the credibility of the spying notion, you get shouted down as being fanatical. And, on the other hand, if you support an investigation that has resulted in multiple guilty pleas, somehow you are a wild card.

Here’s the difference on how the two investigations came about:

Mueller Investigation: A lot of smoke formed around contacts that Trump officials were having with Russian contacts as well as an issue with potential Russian hackers and Social Media Trolls and like things. The Investigation kicked off when James Comey was fired by Trump amid allegations that Trump asked Comey to let the Flynn thing go.

Investigation on the Investigation: Trump was sick of how the Mueller investigation was going and so he decided to rant about a fantasy of where the FBI, instead of using a confidential informant, was spying on his campaign for political purposes, despite all of the contrary evidence of the FBI conducting a very public investigation into his opponent.  Trump, and subsequently conservative media props, have provided no underlying smoke for their claims other than their VERY STRONG desire for these things to be true.

The Mueller Investigation has been borne out with supporting convictions and indictments. It remains the be seen what will come of the Investigation on the Investigation. But, the fact that I just typed the words “it remains to be seen” related to an investigation that came about based only on the mindless ravings of one man means that Trump is winning.

We set fire to facts now.



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