Rudy Giuliani Really Feels As If an Impeachment Choice is Looming…

You know, when it comes to the wildly successful Mueller Investigation, that has already resulted in a bunch of guilty pleas and indictments of critical members of the Trump Campaign team, most people hold the best case scenario to be Mueller coming up with the goods that will lead to an impeachment possibility.

Key word there, possibility.

No one thinks that Impeachment is inevitable. It’s just the best possible scenario for people who dislike Trump, right?

Well, there’s one guy out there that makes it seem like Impeachment is very possible as a result of the Mueller Investigation:

Of course, we have to do it in defending the president. We are defending — to a large extent, remember, Dana, we are defending here, it is for public opinion, because eventually the decision here is going to be impeach, not impeach.

– Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani on CNN State of the Union

Let’s take a moment to make a couple things very clear based on this quote:

  1. Giuliani is saying that eventually there will be a decision to impeach or not…and that they want to sway public opinion on that choice. This contrasts very starkly to what Trump should want here: NO FUCKING IMPEACHMENT CHOICE.
  2. Giuliani is a lawyer for Trump. Despite being inept at it and despite Trump in a few weeks likely firing Giuliani and then a few weeks later saying, “Rudy was never my lawyer, ok? Believe me, I would not have Rudy as my attorney. We brought him in to consult for a little bit, alright, but, he was never my attorney. Do you think my attorneys would say the ridiculous nonsense Rudy was saying? No of course not, believe me.”

Make no mistake, Rudy Giuliani believes, based on this interview with CNN, and other comments, that the Mueller Investigation will result in substantial evidence that will make Congress think: we need to decide whether to Impeach this man. Rudy acts as if this is foregone conclusion. Most everyone else thinks of this as best case scenario.

It’s a huge development. It also lends credibility to the Mueller Investigation. If Trump’s own attorney thinks this is the end result and they are already trying to manipulate the outcome of that result, at the very least, it tells you that the Trump legal team believes the Mueller Investigation is on to something.

Rudy is saying that there is enough evidence to charge his client and begin impeachment proceedings. He is saying that they need to distract from that in order to influence the public opinion, which, in turn, could influence congressional opinion. He has essentially moved away from “they won’t find any evidence” to “the evidence they have isn’t good enough.”

This also follows a morning where Trump sent this gem of a Tweet;

This tweet is amazing. First, he talks about young and beautiful lives being devastated by this investigation. Who are we talking about here? Is there a way that I can gamble on whether a Jared Kushner indictment is coming down the pipe? Then, he includes “and others” when talking about beautiful people. Who in his campaign does he think is the ugly duckling?…he’s even vain when he discusses lives being destroyed by their own criminal activity. Impressive.

And, quite the prediction there, to go back home in tatters.

Hey, this ain’t liberals predicting this doom and gloom, that’s the man himself.

Now, there is a huge caveat to this: Rudy Giuliani is an idiot.

Previously, Rudy criticized his own grasp on the facts of the case. So, there’s a chance here, and it is a very big chance, that Rudy just doesn’t know what he is talking about. But, you can’t ignore that one of Trump’s lawyers thinks that the Mueller Investigation will lead to the Impeachment process getting underway. Rudy came out and said essentially that he expects his client to be charged, something you would never expect to see from a lawyer when the other option on the table is to say that you don’t think there will be enough to charge their client.

Rudy has moved on from that expectation. Maybe we should as well.


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