Nut-Job Conservatives Now Would Like to Change the Immigration Debate to Asking What the Fuck a Cage Is…


Imagine looking at that picture and thinking, I need to speak up about this injustice. And, then, smashing out that headline.

Conservatives/The Right/Republicans/Trump Sycophants/Whatever You Would Like to Call Them, worked very hard this weekend to try and confuse the issue regarding the Trump administrations Immigration policy that has led to Trump Camps along our borders. Trump Camps consisting of Trump Cages. Which, hopefully, will go the way of most Trump Products…gone before most even knew they existed.

The Stance of the Administration on the Separation policy is essentially this:

Which has led to a lot of nonsense about the separation policy getting out. Nielson’s statement might be the worst of the bunch because it is catnip for the alleged “rational” conservatives. The statement leads to articles like this one from the National Review and Rich Lowry. One that can easily be described as “calm” or “informative”. While the reality is that the article is pretty chill, it’s by no means informative.

The Nielson line of thought that conservatives want to follow in a “calm” or “informative” manner is that there is not a separation policy…there is, instead, a policy of enforcing the law as on the books and ignoring that the consequence of following that in the manner that they choose is going to lead to separation. The blame for the separation should not fall on the administration, they argue, instead, calmly saying, do not break the law by entering the country illegally.

There’s a couple of ways to ransack the logic of this. The first is that they ignore that any method of enforcing the law is a choice. This is especially so when you choose to enforce the law dramatically different than others before you have. To not own the consequences of that decision making is absurd. The second is by pointing out that the Trump administration has manufactured the illegal entry into the country by denying those seeking asylum in the country entry at various points where folks are attempting to enter without breaking the law.

Seen, Here, Here, Here, I could go on and on. Not to mention, drastically changing what we accept in terms of reasoning for granting asylum. This is an issue of their own making. Period.


This is a very important point that many who support the detaining of children in Trump Cages and separation from parents are ignoring.

People who make excuses for the policy are citing very heavily that it’s a natural consequence of being arrested for illegal entry that separation from the children occurs. This is a gross misunderstanding of how the criminal justice system works. On Fox & Friends, they compared being arrested for illegal entry to ROBBING A BANK. An illegal entry first offense is a misdemeanor with a maximum penalty of up to 6 months. A second offense is a felony with penalties LESS THAN ROBBING A BANK.

When the decision is made to pursue the case criminally, as opposed to civil, there are choices to be made. Jailing someone in this situation is on the very extreme end of the spectrum for how a misdemeanor or low severity felony would typically get handled. The alternative is pretty simple: release them with a summons on when to return to court to handle their criminal offense. That’s how a vast number of misdemeanors in this country are handled…and, that would be especially so if at arraignment the Judge found out that being held in custody would lead to a separation from the family.

My point is not that they can’t handle it other than what I laid out above, my point is only that theirs is a choice and a drastic one at that. It runs counter to how we enforce laws in this country.

And, they should be asked to defend that.

Instead, they manipulate the discussion into the headline you see at the top of this: WHAT IS A CAGE?



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