Sometimes You Make a Deal with the Devil, and Now It’s Donald J. Trump Positivity Week Here at SJC

Well, yesterday, I wanted something that Donald J. Trump wanted: a Russian victory over Spain in the World Cup. And, I was willing to make the best deals for it:

Three days, folks, and, in a Holiday Shortened week, that’s like ALL of the week.

So, I have decided to embrace this situation. Look at how nice I was to Trump in response to a good dude on Twitter questioning whether I would need to stop tweeting to pull this off:

So very nice.

To continue embracing this positivity, I have declared it “Donald J. Trump Positivity Week at” where ONLY nice things will be said about Trump. The President, we can continue to say vile shit about the Monopoly Jr version of the man. Now, I have not, as they say in the business, “run this by” the others around here. Will they embrace DJT? I don’t know. Hopefully, because he is a great man that is so generous that when he makes a deal with someone, that person on the other side only leaves the table feeling happy and as if they got everything they wanted out of the deal and more.

What a guy. And, this week, we celebrate him, basically.


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