Welcome to Slippery Jim Comey! What is this website? Well, it’s political humor, to put it short. Sometimes it will be straight up parody, sometimes irreverent, maybe snarky, maybe not funny at all, maybe funny to just our writers. We’re not going to box ourselves into any kind of a corner on Day One as I write an about page, y’know?

We do hope that eventually we will provide something for wide ranging audiences. I will say up front that at times, my political leanings will likely come forward. I’m aiming to provide a site that Democrats and Republicans alike can enjoy…although Libertarians are going to hate this place, but, likely won’t realize it.

As for the image on the main page…I hope you have seen the movie The Sting. If so, that image likely makes sense to you. If not, it’s pretty straight forward: two professional grifters, Mueller and Comey, team up to take on a mob boss (Trump). Hannity provides the muscle.

The movie is a classic. If you haven’t seen it, you should check it out. But, since most people these days are not into the classics and are into being young, I figured that image might need an explanation given that it is the cornerstone of SJC’s aesthetic.

We hope you enjoy what you read.