Some Dude at National Review Wrote Over 1500 Words About His Lack of Understanding of a Guilty Plea

Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to honor the memory of our friend Spy-Gate. In his 2 weeks of life, many often confused him with the other Spy-Gate, the Spy-Gate that still turns the stomach of New Englanders, and is ever eternal. No, the Spy-Gate we celebrate today, who died too young, and yet lived for too long, was the tale of a confidential informant placed in the Trump campaign by the FBI because of the campaigns love of associating with dudes with shady pasts. Spy-Gate was too pure for this world. Spy-Gate brought about envy from even the craziest of crazy, Trey Gowdy. And, when Benghazi-Trey declared there was nothing to Spy-Gate, well, it is time for Conservatives to bury Spy-Gate, for there are more and more terrible thoughts to be had to move the ball further away from the truth.

And, Andrew C. McCarthy of the National Review will take up the mantle.

He begins:

Congress should be taking a very hard look at the prosecution of George Papadopoulos. To these eyes, the harder one looks, the more the Papadopoulos case appears to be much ado about nothing. That is no small thing: The “much ado” here is a purported Trump–Russia conspiracy to subvert a presidential election.

And, with that, McCarthy leads us away from one conspiracy and into the smoldering remains of last fall’s moment in the sun for one George Papadopolous, eager to find a new conspiracy among the ashes.

What he has found, instead, was 1500+ words on his inability to understand the nature of a Guilty Plea.

There has always been something fishy about the charge filed by Special Counsel Robert Mueller against Papadopoulos, who was a green-as-grass 28-year-old when he made the big primary-season move from Ben Carson–campaign novice to Trump-campaign novice.

Here’s a spoiler alert on the Trump campaign: they used a lot of “green-as-grass” types including the “green-as-grass-yet-orange-as-a-kumquat” Presidential candidate they worked for. But, I am sure Mr. McCarthy will elucidate that something fishy…

Peruse the “Statement of the Offense,” filed by Mueller’s lead prosecutor on the case, Jeannie S. Rhee (who is fresh from a stint representing the Clinton Foundation — and donating $5,400 to the Hillary Clinton campaign). You find that there is collusion with Russia pouring off every one of the document’s 13 pages — meetings with shadowy figures portrayed as Kremlin operatives, apparent schemes to undermine Mrs. Clinton, ambitious plans for pow-wows between candidate Trump and strongman Putin.

Interesting, so, the something fishy found here by Mr. McCarthy is that George Papadopolous was charged by a probe investigating Russian involvement and he believes that collusion with Russia poured off the pages? Hmmm, very fishy indeed. It’s almost as if the Statement of Offense is attempting to create a narrative surrounding their underlying investigation. Some consider that the purpose of a Statement of Offense. The defense, of course, has an opportunity to counter that. McCarthy, on the other hand, is at a loss for the meaning of anything at all.

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Rudy Giuliani Really Feels As If an Impeachment Choice is Looming…

You know, when it comes to the wildly successful Mueller Investigation, that has already resulted in a bunch of guilty pleas and indictments of critical members of the Trump Campaign team, most people hold the best case scenario to be Mueller coming up with the goods that will lead to an impeachment possibility.

Key word there, possibility.

No one thinks that Impeachment is inevitable. It’s just the best possible scenario for people who dislike Trump, right?

Well, there’s one guy out there that makes it seem like Impeachment is very possible as a result of the Mueller Investigation:

Of course, we have to do it in defending the president. We are defending — to a large extent, remember, Dana, we are defending here, it is for public opinion, because eventually the decision here is going to be impeach, not impeach.

– Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani on CNN State of the Union

Let’s take a moment to make a couple things very clear based on this quote:

  1. Giuliani is saying that eventually there will be a decision to impeach or not…and that they want to sway public opinion on that choice. This contrasts very starkly to what Trump should want here: NO FUCKING IMPEACHMENT CHOICE.
  2. Giuliani is a lawyer for Trump. Despite being inept at it and despite Trump in a few weeks likely firing Giuliani and then a few weeks later saying, “Rudy was never my lawyer, ok? Believe me, I would not have Rudy as my attorney. We brought him in to consult for a little bit, alright, but, he was never my attorney. Do you think my attorneys would say the ridiculous nonsense Rudy was saying? No of course not, believe me.”

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Donald Trump Pulls a Judge Dredd and Convicts Democrats of Spying In Less Than 72 Hours…

On Sunday, President Donald Trump demanded an investigation into “spying” on his Presidential Campaign. On Wednesday morning, Donald Trump tweeted this bad boy:

So, there you have it folks, the “Criminal Deep State” just mere days after he primed this investigation based on nothing, our boy concluded, yes, guilty. The punishment for Democrats that are part of this “Criminal Deep State” is that they have to listen to Trump refer to them as criminals LONG after they are ultimately cleared of any wrong doing. Which, honestly, maybe some of them would prefer a Prison sentence?

Where do you begin with this?

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President Trump Needs More Friends

President Trump launched a barrage of Tweets starting Saturday Afternoon*. The goal: to pout about “spying” on him and to get an investigation to investigate the investigation…and he was somehow successful! This will ultimately lead to Trump talking about how this new investigation is corrupt and he needs an investigation to investigate the investigation that is investigating the investigation.

And, he’ll get it.

Because, no one tells this guy no for some ridiculous reason. Sure, if you tell him no he’s gonna mock you mercilessly and give you an embarrassing nickname, threaten to fire you even if he doesn’t have that power, and then maybe suggest the Russians should hack you, but, then shout NO COLLUSION when the Russians do hack you. Ok, I can see why folks don’t want to put up with that.

*Immediately after Trump was returned his phone from a time-out where he was not allowed to Tweet during the Royal Wedding. Trump was saddened that he did not get to note that none of the hats worn at the Wedding were nearly as stylish as ol’ Red MAGA.

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Here’s an Idiot in Kentucky who Voted for Trump, then Lost his Business and Blames Trump. Laugh at him.

Eddie Devine voted for President Donald Trump because he thought he would be good for American business. Now, he says, the Trump administration’s restrictions on seasonal foreign labor may put him out of business.

“I feel like I’ve been tricked by the devil,” said Devine, owner of Harrodsburg-based Devine Creations Landscaping. “I feel so stupid.”


I love these stories about people who voted for Trump and then later had regrets. Especially folks who think that voting for Trump (or any Republican) is going to be an instant-savior to their business.

The entire Republican position on small business is survival of the fittest. If you run a good business, you will succeed. If you did not succeed it is because your business was not good enough and/or you did not work hard enough. THEY DO NOT HIDE THIS PHILOSOPHY ON SMALL BUSINESS.

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Mick Mulvaney Endorses Bad Jokes About Dying

Just when you think, alright, maybe the White House will get rid of the knucklehead who made a comment about John McCain “dying anyway”, they send out the White House Budget Chief to defend the comment. The real issue? That the mocking moment got out.

“This was a private meeting inside the White House. It was a joke. It was a badly considered joke that she said fell flat,” Mulvaney, the director of the White House Office of Management and Budget, said during an appearance on Fox News.

But Mulvaney argued that the leak of the comment posed the greater issue: “The leak was designed to hurt that person. Also, it completely ignored the harm it would do to the McCain family, which is doubly inconsiderate.”

Source: TheHill

The White House is now in a position where they are defending something that was, at best, a joke done in poor taste. And, they are doing so mere weeks after everyone in the White House lost their damn mind at a comedian making jokes that did not rise to the level of joking about the death of someone currently battling cancer.

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Let’s Talk About the REAL Bribery Scandal…Enter, Ice Cube and the Qatari Government

By now, everyone knows the “fake news” about how AT&T and a bunch of other companies shelled out too much money to Michael Cohen for “Essential” consulting regarding his boy Donald Trump. Clearly, since no business would pay 500k-1.2million for insight into Donald Trump, when they could just have a kid sit at his desk watching old Celebrity Apprentice episodes and bang out a memo, we know that something shady was going on here. A little something known as “bribery” and let’s be honest, a Trump bribery story is very much in the category of “who cares.”

I mean, bribery is the one thing we would all expect Trump to be good at.

But, a bribery store involving Ice Cube, Steve Bannon, Cube’s terrible basketball league, and the Qatari Government? I need that straight to my veins.

Here’s the Headline from the Daily Mail UK:

EXCLUSIVE: Steve Bannon was target of bribery plot by top Qatari who invested in Ice Cube’s basketball league to get to Trump’s strategist and boasted ‘Mike Flynn took our money’, rapper claims in court

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