Let’s Ruminate on Some Conspiracy Theories About What Donald Trump Did with Macron’s Tree

Last week, French President Emmanuelle Macron visited Donald Trump at the White House and Macron brought with him a tree as a gift for Trump. A tree? As a gift to a President hellbent on destroying the environment? Funny guy, solid troll job. His original gift idea, we assume, was a Russian Mail Order Bride that looked exactly like Ivanka.

Anyway, that tree? Now gone. Trump and Macron went through some bit where they dug up some ground and planted the tree. And, now, it has been removed. Why did the friendship tree vanish? According to the AP, the tree was removed to be placed into quarantine, because that is what we do with new trees and animals brought from other countries.

Or is that not the reason at all?

Yes, the news reported by the AP makes all rational sense. And, it is the story that is most likely true, BUT, you know who is a human and has disseminated a LOT of really bad, negative conspiracy theories and deserves to have any negative conspiracy theories tossed around about himself? Trump, of course.

I mean…just a quick run through. Muslims in New Jersey cheering 9/11. Ted Cruz’s father being part of the John F. Kennedy assassination. Joe Scarborough intern murder mystery. Justice Scalia’s death. Vaccines and Autism.

And, oh yeah, how could I forget that whole Obama not born in America ordeal that launched Trump’s political career?

So, hey, given Trump’s past deep dives into conspiracy theories, Trump would want people to breakdown as many baseless conspiracy theories as possible, right?

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