Rudy Guiliani Thinks Other Lawyers Should be as Uninformed on the Facts as He Is: Wants Mueller Investigation Closed

Rudy Guiliani is a superstar. That is why he has come aboard the Trump Train as a hand-selected “tv lawyer” despite all evidence showing that he’s not much of a capable lawyer. He has spent pretty much the entirety of his time as Trump’s Attorney either making dumb remarks about the case in public, OR, publicly walking back those dumb remarks by claiming that he wasn’t yet too familiar with the “facts” of the case.

And, yet, somehow, he has the gall to pout about the length of the Investigation.

“Come on! They’ve had a whole year,” Giuliani told Politico in a recent interview, referring to the Thursday anniversary of the probe. “We’re going to raise the pressure to try to get this thing over with. It’s gone on long enough.”

Source: Vanity Fair

Rudy Guiliani, the man who admittedly does not know a damn thing about the facts of this particular case believes that it should be done.

Here’s the thing about our boy Rudy. He seems terrible about keeping his thoughts to himself. And, what does this particular thought tell you? He wants to raise the pressure, in public, on Mueller, so that Mueller rushes things, gets sloppy and makes a mistake. I don’t know much about Bob Mueller, but, I do know that he has had this investigation going on for a year, he seems patient. So, I’m not so sure that this “I’m worried my client is guilty so let me try to speed things up” move by Guiliani will pay off.

I mean, there’s a lot of material to work through. You have a guy in Michael Cohen who worked very hard to either participate in bribery or give off the image of a man who participated in bribery. Those type of things don’t just wrap themselves up overnight…



Did Trump Leak a Fake Set of Mueller Investigation Questions to Undermine the Mueller Investigation?

What a guy, if true. It’s one of those moves that you never see coming, but, then when you look back on it you say, “well, it’s juvenile, but, it just might work.”

Michael Zeldin, a CNN legal analyst and former assistant to Robert Mueller, said Tuesday he believes President Trump leaked the list of nearly 50 questions the special counsel allegedly wants to ask Trump.

“I think these are notes taken by the recipients of a conversation with Mueller’s office where he outlined broad topics and these guys wrote down questions that they thought these topics may raise,” Zeldin said

Source: TheHill via CNN

He went on to add: “lawyers wouldn’t write questions this way, in my estimation. Some of the grammar is not even proper.”

You know whose specialty “not even proper” grammar is? EVERYONE IN THE TRUMP ORGANIZATION. This is a humor blog, so, I’m working very hard right now to stick to jokes about this matter, but, I will expand on why I believe the theory in the comments.

What a move, though. Trump is laying groundwork for either firing Mueller for leaks, or, simply to undermine the strength of the investigation. Is it believable? Well, this is the same Trump that began his career by trading favors and gossip with all sorts of publications in New York City, so, you tell me.

Trump Clearly Just Watched a Couple Episodes of The Americans to Get Up To Speed On The “Russia Stuff”

Donald Trump thus far has taken an interesting two prong approach to Bob Mueller’s Russian Investigation. First, he bobs and weaves. Do you have information that contradicts his story? If so, then, here’s a new story you simpleton. Second, he shouts, “No Collusion” and “Witch Hunt”.

And, what a hell of a strategy it has been. It relies entirely on the gullibility of the American people. On Saturday night, he may have taken this to new heights, watch:

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How to Properly Gamble On Whether Michael Cohen Will Turn State’s Evidence

Michael Cohen, fixer to the stars of birther fantasy and alleged attorney, is looking up at a world of hurt at the hands of Robert Mueller and the United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York (I believe that would be Paul Giamatti).

Wikipedia describes this pain thusly: “under investigation by federal prosecutors into multiple matters, including bank fraudwire fraud and campaign finance violations, relating in part to payments made to Stormy Daniels.”

They even cite to multiple sources… which is wikipedia code for “Cohen is cooked.”

All of this led to Mr. No Collusion to Tweet over the weekend that he does not see Cohen flipping. Trump seemingly admitting to there being something for Cohen to flip on Trump about.

Trump has faith in his boy, should he? We talked to our resident bookie about this issue and asked a few pointed questions about the issue. Click Read More, take a look, then you’ll want to call up your bookie to get in on this action.

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