So, This is How Trump Went Bankrupt 62 Times

Lost within all the lies that Donald J. Trump has mustered this week was this little nugget from Rudy Giuliani:

In a follow-up interview with the New York Times, Giuliani said that Cohen was reimbursed for the Stormy Daniels payment as well as other “incidental expenses,” adding up to a total of $460,000 or $470,000.

Source: TIME via New York Times

We all know that Rudy has been absolutely crushing it this week. But, personally, I did not realize he was crushing it that much to where this detail would slip through the cracks. I mean, look, it’s probably a lie…BUT…what a lie. And, thank you to TIME for putting together that nice little package detailing the lies.

So, Trump paid a very hefty markup to Cohen to make the Stormy thing go away and didn’t ask any questions? This is how you manage to lose money on a casino during a boom period for casinos. Could you imagine being a pen-salesman, or any kind of salesman,  and getting Trump on the phone?