Republicans Are About to Care About Someone Denied Service.

Republicans, fresh off their Supreme Court victory that has them hype to deny service to LGBTQ folks are about to get very upset at someone denying service to a customer…

womp womp

Currently a proxy war is being waged on the Online Review Presence of the Red Hen, according to The Hill. But, at the very least we learned that there isĀ at least one consequence for lying to the American people and running a propaganda campaign on ’em. Should there be more consequences for Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ bullshit? Absolutely. But, you have to start somewhere.

Also, it’s incredible that this woman would drop a tweet essentially saying sic ’em to the MAGA hats while saying she does her best to treat people respectfully. So, according to Sarah Huckabee Sanders, her best is inciting what will surely be a barrage of vile comments directed at a business owner.