Republicans Are About to Care About Someone Denied Service.

Republicans, fresh off their Supreme Court victory that has them hype to deny service to LGBTQ folks are about to get very upset at someone denying service to a customer…

womp womp

Currently a proxy war is being waged on the Online Review Presence of the Red Hen, according to The Hill. But, at the very least we learned that there is at least one consequence for lying to the American people and running a propaganda campaign on ’em. Should there be more consequences for Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ bullshit? Absolutely. But, you have to start somewhere.

Also, it’s incredible that this woman would drop a tweet essentially saying sic ’em to the MAGA hats while saying she does her best to treat people respectfully. So, according to Sarah Huckabee Sanders, her best is inciting what will surely be a barrage of vile comments directed at a business owner.


Catching Up With Robert E. Lee

I was walking back to the DC office today, contemplating fake news and time travel. I was about to peep the President’s latest tweets when suddenly, somebody spit chew at my feet and asked “Yer one of them fake news reporters with a liberal agenda, ain’tcha?”. I was about to respond “Well, actually…” when I looked up and there he was: General Robert E. Lee. When he belted out “Whatchu lookin’ at, snowflake? Quit yer cuckin’ & get on with it,” I knew I had no time to beat around the bush. I invited him for some conversation and whiskey. This is that conversation.

Wow, General Lee, thanks for taking the time to sit down with me today.

23711356-455E-442F-969E-5C5E251F5846 Likewise. I can tolerate the company of a man who appreciates a good whiskey. Even if you are a snowflake. And even if it is an Irish instead of a nice southern bourbon or Tennessee sour mash.

Oh, I love me some good bourbon. You can believe that. At least it’s not that weak Canadian shit.

23711356-455E-442F-969E-5C5E251F5846 Hoooooo boy, you got that right! *clink*

Damn straight. So tell me, General, how’s it going these days? What’s it like for you to experience all the 21st century has to offer?

23711356-455E-442F-969E-5C5E251F5846 Well, it’s been an adjustment, to be honest. But things are looking better and better.

How so?

23711356-455E-442F-969E-5C5E251F5846Well, some of my statues have been destroyed, and I was at the DMV the other day tryin’ to get my horsepower machine license or whatever you call it. I waited in line for more than 2 hours. I said ma’am do you know who I am? And she just didn’t get it. Asked if I was a part-time Santa Claus or somethin’. And I had one eye half-open when she took mah picture. I looked like a goddamn pirate. But other’n that, things are good. Things are good. Take technology for instance. I binge watch all the Civil War stuff on Netflix even if they don’t get it half right and I can’t remember my password half the time. And I constantly get called a Russian bot on Twitter, whatever that means. But I got retweeted five times by the President. So I guess you could say things are lookin’ up fer me.

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