The Very Best Russian Propaganda Facebook Ads in the Run-Up to the 2016 Presidential Election

Sunday afternoon I made a move I thought was saavy, but, instantly had regrets about. I went over to the House Intelligence Committee release by the Democrats on Social Media Advertisements by our comrades the Soviets. I wanted to take a peek at their ads. Look, I am a big Fyodor Dostoevsky guy, so, I thought, maybe there is some wisdom that will be gleaned from these ads.

First warning sign that this was a bad idea…the file sizes. 1.6GB for a zip of ads from Quarter 4 of 2016. And, they were using all four quarters of multiple years. Nevertheless, I downloaded it for some reason. The first ad I looked at, very promising, if you’re into ads where you aren’t quite sure whether they are a parody of Texas or genuinely trying to appeal to Texas (and also if you’re a big fan of non-witty Hillary Clinton insults where the author really wants that woman to die).


Honestly, it’s just impressive to mix a Killery and a Hitlery into the same ad without getting the audience to roll their eyes. And, well, the audience likely rolled their eyes at this one. BUT…nonetheless, I figured, this ad would set the tone for a jaunt through a ton of PDF files that the House Intelligence Committee had prepared. There were hundreds just from October and November 2016.

And, they were largely a disappointment.

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Is Threatening the Mueller Team a Good Look For Trump?

How did you start your Monday morning? Did you wake up and forego a cup of coffee or a light workout to instead threaten the people who are currently investigating you and your possibly criminal activities?

Likely you did not. You likely lead a quiet, peaceful, staid existence. And, that’s ok. Fortunately, we have the President, who lives on the goddamn edge. He woke up this morning and thought, nah, forget, I’m on this:

This guy is a good time. This translates essentially to: “if you take me to Court you don’t want to see the dirt that I’m going to come up on you guys, I mean, if my staff hired an Israeli spy team to discredit Obama staffers on the Iran Deal, just imagine what I’ll do if my freedom is on the line.” Loose translation. But, you get the idea. Trump is signaling as clear as he possibly can that they should tread light. It’s a very top of the food chain gangster move.

Usually, Prosecutors don’t bow down to that kind of pressure, they dig in. I am excited to see how it plays out for our boy.

He also tweeted: “There is no O, it’s called Fighting Back” to which a whole bunch of dudes who fought with the police and are stuck in jail nodded: hell yeah.

Trump Clearly Just Watched a Couple Episodes of The Americans to Get Up To Speed On The “Russia Stuff”

Donald Trump thus far has taken an interesting two prong approach to Bob Mueller’s Russian Investigation. First, he bobs and weaves. Do you have information that contradicts his story? If so, then, here’s a new story you simpleton. Second, he shouts, “No Collusion” and “Witch Hunt”.

And, what a hell of a strategy it has been. It relies entirely on the gullibility of the American people. On Saturday night, he may have taken this to new heights, watch:

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I Hate To Be The One to Ask, But, How Much Time Does Trump Need to Make a Pee Tape?

This is a headline on “Trump Told Comey He Wasn’t in Moscow Long Enough to Make a Pee Tape. He Lied.”

It begs the question: why didn’t Trump tell Comey “I didn’t make a Pee Tape in Moscow”?

From this nymag article, a couple revelations that came from our namesake, Comey:

  1. Trump denied the Pee Tape in large part because he did not stay overnight at the Hotel while in Moscow this particular time.
  2. Trump was worried and bothered about the possibility of his wife thinking there was even a “one percent” chance the Tape was true.

Last point first – everyone, including Melania believes there is a greater than one percent chance that this whole Pee Tape thing is true, right? I mean, I put myself around 23.6% which nestles me firmly into “Pee Tape Skeptic” territory. But, regardless, there’s not a chance that Melania is sitting at one percent on this one. She was probably fifty-fifty before the Dossier story even leaked.

Now, back to this first point…the article says that obtained flight information by Bloomberg have Trump staying overnight that led nymag to this conclusion: “Trump absolutely had enough time for a golden showers performance if he had wanted to have one.” Their analysis, not mine.

But, does any of this even matter? I mean, flight to catch or not, is Trump seriously basing his denial on whether he came back to the Hotel at night before catching a flight the next day? Look, I’m certainly not trying to kink-shame here, but, if the man is making a Pee Tape with Russian hookers, I don’t think it’s going out on a limb to say that there’s a likely willingness to partake at any hour of the day. Once you’re telling a Russian Hooker, “pee on this bed” are you really only up for that activity at night?

But, on the bright side, at least journalists were able to track down a statement by Trump and verify it to be a lie. Sheesh, I wonder if that happens often?